What happens if my item gets lost or damaged on its way to you?

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Unfortunately, sometimes items become lost or damaged during transport.

If this happens, Hypeboost will start an investigation with the shipping company. It is therefore important that the Seller retains the proof of shipment until the sale is fully completed. We cannot initiate an investigation without proof of shipment.

Keep in mind this can take an average of 3-4 weeks. To start an investigation, message customer support within 7 days of shipment and clearly state your Product ID and include the proof of shipping.  

After the period of 7 days, it is no longer possible to start a claim with the courier.

In cases that packages are dropped off at the pick-up point but never left the parcel shop, we cannot open an investigation. In these cases, it is best to contact the shipping company and/or drop off point to collect the package.